In this section you can get all the clues you need to jump into the search for the new pieces that we have hidden for you.

This cylinder corresponds to the month of May and is placed to commemorate the ten years of Stealth Art. During this year 2022 each month, one of these collectible pieces is placed.

City Puntacana
Area Punta Borracha
Value 1000 Kipcoins
Published 2022-05-07 17:32:31
Status NEW


2022-05-07 20:35:00

You will ask the elders how to go to what used to be called Punta Borracha and by a small road, you will look for sources of water suitable for human consumption.
If you more or less know where to go,...wait for the next clue in 10 minutes...have someone accompany you because the path is dark

2022-05-07 20:47:00

If you are where you should be on your left and before reaching the beach you will find a building that was the first to store water for the incipient tourist project that barely had a few cabins.
In front of it there is planted Zamia debilis, you know it? Do you know that it was the first food of the insular Arawak Indians, misnamed Tainos? (*) In the language of these first settlers Taino meant "we are good" to differentiate themselves from the Caribs who were warriors and cannibals.
There was never a Taíno ethnic group.


Si no aprendes cuando enseñas... nada sabes!

Thimo Pimentel

Observar, aprender a ver más y mejor... una visión de calidad hace crecer al "adicthimo" aprendiendo a ver como nunca antes el entorno.


Stealth Art, Arte Furtivo... Arte de Calle?

Thimo Pimentel

Performance, escultura cerámica, graffiti, fotografía... todo va envuelto en una acción hasta cierto punto arriesgada, por no decir peligrosa. Y es que hemos colocado 27 cilindros de cerámica de alta temperatura decorada con impresiones, cada uno de ellos diferentes y con simbología numérica particular.

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