The Ukranians hearts.

Thimo Pimentel

Stealth Art

Very hot still, the Ukranians hearts justcame out in raku technique,like true collectors items.

The largest mural of hearts that has ever been done before is being developed as a true "installation" of pieces and anecdotes.

How many hearts are there?

Well, I must tell you that they are miscounted and on the agenda they are already over two hundred and fifty and I ask the owners of these collections and everyone to have at least one, to keep it safe for when they decide to present this great work.
Each placed heart is linked to a search anecdote that each one remembers and does not forget.

Therefore, the exhibition of this great mural will provide a meeting of addicts ("adicthimos") and the general public who will be able to share their experiences in STEALTH ART, an original and unprecedented action of art and culture in the history of national and international visual arts.

In this year that the FURTIVE ART is ten years old and that it has placed more than a thousand different pieces, cylinders, hearts, aons, ciguapas, caciques, bulliris, cocolondrios, trigonolitos, gigons, guanines, chiquindolos etc. It is also dedicated to celebrate the 80 years of the National School of Visual Arts (ENAV) together with the Igneri Art and Archeology Foundation, the Fusion Foundation, the Image Center and the active contest of "addicts" and friends throughout the yucayeque geography on this magical and unusual island

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