Stealth Art

The most impressive art movement in the last fifty years of the Dominican Republic.

In its beginnings around the year 2012, its author Thimo Pimentel baptized it as Stealth Art or Arte Sigiloso, taking as reference the famous North American invisible or stealth bomber. Very soon, after a successful exhibition of his cylinders in the spaces of the Centro de la Imagen in Santo Domingo, he adopted the name of Furtive Art.

Such a project, whose scope goes beyond a clandestine performative action or the creation of ceramic works of art with their subsequent passive exposure to the public, was carried out to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the start of construction work on the First Cathedral of the New World.

How does it work?

In principle, very simple: the artist makes a series of high-temperature ceramic cylinders inspired by the cylinders of Gudea and the Mayans, which remind us of mud storm drains.

All cylinders are original, numbered and signed by the artist. Then he hides them in emblematic places in Santo Domingo, most of them in the Colonial City.

In order to find these cylinders it is necessary to access the clues placed by the author right here on Arte Furtivo's website or the social networks, decipher them and arrive before the other competitors to their exact location.

The clues are reinforced with strategic graffiti, with the silhouette of the American Stealth spy plane indicating the proximity of the object of desire.

Rediscovering the city

The cylinders, in addition to being each an independent work of art, are an excuse for the author to show us the city he loves: the one planned by Ovando and attacked by the pirate Drake, the city that the haitian soldiers invaded for 22 years, the city of Guillermo González, and the April Revolution.

After 10 years, more than 900 pieces have been placed, including cylinders, chiquindolos, ciguapas, cocolondrios, guaripakis, aones, hearts, bulliris, guanines, gigons, caciques, mini murals, trigonoliths, and many other works by the author, in this action of art and culture never before seen in the bibliography of art not only national but worldwide.

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